Welcome to GreekIPTV.com, where you will enjoy LIVE Greek TV stations! 

To register go to www.greekiptv.com and sign up now.

  Please remember that you have to become a fully paying subscribed member to enjoy the full potential and quality of our streams. Constant Access to the service for the streamed channels will be provided on a monthly payment basis. We do have quite a few free hours a day (usually lately adds up to around 8 hours of viewing) but the servers automatically cut off the free connection when they reach the "pre-programmed cut off-free-load point".

By becoming a paying subscriber you are guaranteed a priority slot on top of the total free member, and at the same time you help us pay for the necessary bandwidth. This is what keeps us going and allows us to add new stations from time to time.

The Stream Quality varies between 223k and 650k.

We have now begun to translate our site into Greek. You will find most information in both the Greek and English languages. This is being done in stages. The FAQs and POLLS will continue to be available in English only until further notice.

Thank you for your support.


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